Meet Mike

5 Time World Champion
16 Time National Champion
National and International HALL of FAME


Mike Suyderhoud has won more world gold medals than any man in the history of the sport of water-skiing. Mike’s more than thirty years of professional coaching has provided a tremendous professional contribution to the growth and advancement of water skiing, including helping to develop and hone the skills of top skiers from all over the world.

Early in his career, Mike recognized the need for more research and development of better ski equipment. Over the past three decades, his energies and experience have been instrumental in shaping the technology of water-skiing and ski equipment. In addition to being a consultant in the industry, Mike has written columns as well as feature-length articles for various national water-skiing magazines. As tribute to Mike’s dedication to the sport of water-skiing, he was inducted into the Water Skiing Hall of Fame in 1987, during his first year of eligibility.

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